Financial advice

Independent financial advice – what is it?

Financial advice is generally focused on your immediate objectives or priorities and limits the advice to one area of your finances.  It is usually short-term advice and is different to financial planning – which is goal based and aims to produce a flexible comprehensive long-term financial plan to meet both short and long-term objectives.  An experienced financial planner will usually charge a fee for this kind of work.

Financial advice short term


How can I benefit from independent financial advice?

The service that we offer helps you to identify your immediate financial and tax saving priorities.  Your independent financial adviser will then recommend and implement suitable financial products to match your plans.  Because we are independent, we are not tied to specific products and can offer the most suitable advice for your individual needs.  Also, because we are fee-based (and the fees are all agreed upfront so you are comfortable), we are not ‘enticed’ by any promotions or incentives.  Indeed, by not paying on a commission basis, you can save a lot of money over time dependent on the products you choose.

We can give independent advice on all of the areas shown in the diagram, namely, insurance, investment portfolios, tax advice and pensions advice.

What happens next?

Once you have satisfied your immediate requirements then you should investigate financial planning and the opportunities that may lie therein.  This is particularly important if you are a millionaire, a small business owner and/or wealthy retired with an estate worth in excess of £1 million.

If you decide to become a client, we also offer proactive investment advice and investment management.

Is this not ‘cart before the horse’?

Yes, it certainly is.  However, whilst financial planning should be the horse and power the financial advice cart, more often than not, we find that our fifty plus clients prefer to deal with their immediate needs first.  We are happy to help you whichever way you feel most comfortable.  Key to all of this is life planning – the true driver of the cart!  This is a service we offer to some of our clients to make sure your financial plans are adjusted to match your needs.

Any financial advice questions?

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