Investment advice

How do I know I’m getting the best investment advice?

There is no such thing as a ‘best investment’ as everyone’s financial situation is different.  The information you receive as part of pensions advice and investment advice should consider your personal circumstances and should be looked at with an investment specialist and financial planner.

You should seek help from a qualified independent financial adviser to help you take into account financial and emotional factors before you make any decisions about the best way to invest your money.  These include:

  • your attitude towards investment risk
  • your need for income and growth on your capital
  • your current investment portfolio
  • your age and the length of time you wish to hold investments
  • your tax status, where you live and any tax help that you may need
  • your current financial situation and plans for your future

The replies you give are essential to any proposals or investment portfolio advice you receive.

How do I know if my money is safe?

Simply by asking that question, you already know that an element of risk is involved in order to make higher returns than just ‘saving’ the money.  The unique investment system makes sure your investments are carefully managed to get the most on your returns and control risk.

How do I maximise profits without involving too much risk?

If you use us to manage your investment portfolio, we identify ‘high quality’ funds and combine them with low cost Exchange Traded Funds (a type of tracker).  We then make well-timed recommendations to you in order to adjust your portfolio at low cost, so you are invested in the best assets for you as the markets change.

By trying to reduce your losses in the bad months and increase your gains in good months the overall returns on your investments will be significantly improved.

We closely examine all of the available funds and their managers and then eliminate almost 95% of the ‘low quality’ funds.  From the remaining ‘high quality’ funds we are able to select the ‘best of the best’.

All our clients, be they aged fifty plus, small business owners or wealthy retired, invest in the same high quality fund, just in different percentages depending on their attitude to risk.  This way, everyone benefits from the exhaustive research that we carry out and our knowledge and understanding that goes into the selection process.

Any further questions regarding investment advice?

If you want more information on investment advice please call us on 01763 232326 or Email us.

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