Investment management

How will you manage my investment portfolio?

Full details can be found on our investment portfolio management page.  However, in short, you must satisfy yourself that your money is being well managed, even if you are not new to investments.

You shouldn’t rely on setting up an investment portfolio and then leave it to look after itself.  Markets change too quickly for this to work.  If you choose us to set up and look after your interests, your investment portfolio will receive our best investment portfolio management skills and our best investment advice at all times.

We monitor the market daily to determine the most opportune time to switch any investment funds into your chosen investment portfolio.

We set up our clients’ investment portfolios on a WRAP platform – this is like a ‘supermarket’ for a large number of investment funds available in the market.  It allows you to take advantage of bulk buying power to reduce the costs involved when buying and selling your funds.  Secure access via the internet to your own WRAP account enables you to monitor your investments on a day-to-day basis (if you wish to do so).  You can also instruct us to make changes to the various investments between tax wrappers without further form filling – for example, to use your ISA allowance annually.

In summary:

  • We frequently check the asset allocation for your investment portfolio lest a rebalance is needed because of market volatility
  • We follow the movement of fund managers and their apparent expertise
  • We keep track of market opinions, movements and expectations
  • We examine and compare the performance and volatility of our constituent funds against the relevant sector and similar funds on a regular basis
  • Valuation statements are sent to you bi-annually together with our analysis of performance
  • You can see your investment portfolio online at any time

Any further questions regarding investment management?

If you would like more information on investment management please call us on 01763 232326 or Email us.

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