Investment portfolio

How are funds chosen for an investment portfolio?

Before approaching your financial adviser or investment specialist, you should choose between a bespoke investment portfolio or a standard portfolio.  Usually, financial advisers who are not investment specialists will try and work with a bespoke portfolio.

What are the differences between a bespoke investment portfolio and a standard investment portfolio?


  • Minimum of three hours to research just one fund
  • If every client has a different investment portfolio, it is hard for the independent financial adviser to keep up to date with each one
  • Unless your portfolio is over £500,000, the adviser cannot afford to spend a long time managing your portfolio and providing you with bespoke investment advice


  • The financial adviser researches funds on behalf of all their clients
  • They will choose usually between 15 and 25 funds for a ‘best buy’ list
  • A lot of time is invested in fully researching the funds held in the investment portfolio as it contains the same funds (held in different percentages) for each and every one of his clients
  • If the independent financial adviser doesn’t choose the best funds, no one will make money and the adviser will lose clients and money

How will you build my investment portfolio?

For all our investment clients, whether they are fifty plus, small business owners or wealthy retired, we employ proactive investment management and Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to build standard investment portfolios.

By using the most up-to-date technologies the resulting integrated portfolio administration rationalises investment management for your convenience.  It means we can deliver reports and information to you in a simple way, reducing the need for you to deal with unnecessary paperwork.

By building investment portfolios in a WRAP platform (a ‘supermarket’ for funds), we make it easier and more cost effective over time to switch and buy funds.  Together with our constantly monitoring funds, this means we can act immediately on your behalf if a fund underperforms or if the fund manager leaves.  We don’t wait for up to a year when your next review may be due.

You can be assured that we are on top of your portfolio at all times with very little input required from you.

To build a standard investment portfolio:

  • we have 3 categories of funds, Growth, Balanced and Defensive, all varying in risk.  Funds we select are allocated to the appropriate category
  • we have an array of 6 portfolios available from Cautious and Conservative through to Confident and Intrepid

our Investment Philosophy of adapting to market cycles determines the choice of the type of funds we want to include.  See the diagram below:

Investment market performance

When we think ‘the market’ is in phases ‘late A’ or B, we concentrate on protecting your money.

When we believe ‘the market’ to be in phases ‘late C’ or D, we concentrate on growing your money.

Please remember that all our clients invest in the same high quality funds in different percentages depending on their attitude to risk.  This way everyone gains from the research and experience that goes into making the selection and our proactive management process.

How do you keep your research current?

By using leading supplier of market data, Financial Express, we carry out a meticulous assessment of all the funds available and their managers.  We eliminate about 95% of the ‘low quality’ funds from this data by carrying out thorough searches.  From the remaining 5% of funds we pick out the best of the best by closely analysing the information.  We use approximately 15 of these funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) that pass our strict selection criteria and cover many different asset types, to build our portfolios.

Unique to most other investment advisers, we also proactively adjusts portfolios to gain the best possible returns according to expected market conditions as part of our investment management service.

Any further questions regarding investment portfolios?

There is a lot to cover in this area.  If you are a small business owner, or aged fifty plus, with a minimum of £100,000 to invest for at least five years and want more information on investment portfolios please call us on 01763 232326 or Email us.

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