Good financial advice

We are saddened that today the financial services profession is not generally trusted by the general public, as people at the top of some companies put profits before clients. We believe this is a stupid short term attitude and ultimately bad for the long term health of any business.

We believe in working for the long term benefit of our clients and our company.

We believe that a fair balance of our profits and excellent client advice at a fair fee have to go hand in hand.

We believe that in the long term our clients are the lifeblood of our business

Our approach

We have to make a profit but certainly not by badly advising our clients. In fact the reverse is true. We often sacrifice short term profits to ensure we keep the trust and respect of our clients by delivering excellent service and helping ensure you never have to worry about your money.

Only by working with this ethos as a core attitude in everything we do, can we ensure that you our client will be sufficiently delighted to recommend our services to people you care about.

Whats in it for you?

We want to enjoy our lives and our work forms a large part of our lives.  At the same time, like most people, we also want to earn a good living from our work.

To achieve these objectives 2 things need to come together and be in balance.

  1. Do good for others -  you, our clients
  2. Do good work and be recognised for it.

Doing good for others

Some work is easily seen by the generally public as doing good for others. The medical profession for example. We see our work as doing good by helping our clients achieve financial peace of mind by delivering high quality unbiased advice, ideally on a regular meeting basis as part of our financial planning process.

We constantly strive to help more of our clients see the benefits of at least an annual financial planning meeting with us – to help them use their money effectively to achieve their lifetime goals and objectives. The measure of this is how many clients are working with us on our “Clear Future” financial planning program.

Doing good work

We are constantly working to improve our financial knowledge and our client service in order to deliver the best financial planning and financial advice for our clients. The measure we use to assess our success is the number of recommendations we receive per year from our clients to people they care about.


Our beliefs help us align what we do and how we do it to create a coherent and fulfilling financial planning and financial advice practice for the benefit of our clients and ourselves.