You are concerned about your finances and are prepared to actively work with a fee based firm of  independent planners and financial advisers who have your long term interests at heart.

You want to ensure that they view you as a person with hopes , dreams and worries rather than just a customer.

You want to ensure that the firm you work with is remunerated in a manner which means their advice is unbiased and in your long term interest.

You want your planner to provide you with outstanding service so you will be comfortable in recommending their services to people you care about.

Q: What types of people become clients?

A: Most new working clients have overall assets in excess of £500,000 including the equity value of their home. They are referred to us for advice relating to our speciality in investment portfolio management, business advice and inheritance tax planning. These are considered to be the most difficult areas of financial planning and so require specialist advisers. Even so, we are happy to help most people who meet our client criteria.

 The following assets may be included within an assessment:

  • Current equity in their main residence and other property in the UK or abroad
  • Current saleable value of their business shares, if applicable
  • Total current value of cash, pensions and investments less the value of any debts/mortgages
  • Current value of other assets such as royalties or trust funds.

What if I don’t fall into one of these categories?

We do help younger clients who are mainly referred to us by their parents. However if your annual joint income exceeds £100,000 or you are a successful business owner or professional it’s worth having a chat. Please contact us and we will take it from there.

Q: Why do I need a financial planner?

  • You want to plan for a comfortable retirement
  • You want your investments well managed
  • You are keen to reduce your tax liability
  • You want to pass your wealth on to your family tax efficiently on your eventual death
  • You wish to maximise business profits or extract value from your business tax efficiently
  • You want to ensure any financial products you choose to buy are suitable and form part of a long term financial plan
  • You want to ensure your family are protected against financial hardship in the event of sudden death or a serious illness
  • You want peace of mind about your financial affairs.

How do I know you can help me?

We have been financial planners and independent financial advisers working with wealthy clients on their financial plans and providing tax help for over 20 years so it is unlikely we cannot help you. Firstly have a look around this website in particular – our services, our approach and our service guarantee sections.