Retired or close to retirement

financial advice for retired people

We deal with a large number of people who are retired already or about to retire.

If you are about to retire in the next five to ten years it is essential you get advice early to set up your affairs properly in anticipation of that event – do not leave it until you are on the point of retiring as that may have negative tax implications for you and you may have lost opportunities for more efficiently structuring your financial affairs in retirement.

Our services are likely to be of interest to you if you, or between you and your partner, your assets including your home are valued in excess of £1 million. This means that you have a large potential inheritance tax liability and one of you may still be a higher rate tax payer.

You are likely to benefit most from our integrated range of tax planning and financial planning advice.

Unfortunately, by the very nature of being retired, less tax planning strategies are open to you, but there are many very effective methods of reducing your inheritance tax liabilities. In addition,  financial planning is still essential to help you best meet your objectives over the years.

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