Clash of the titans at the Economic Research Council

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On the 6th December 2011, the Economic Research Council hosted the first annual “Clash of the Titans” event. They invited three Professors from the top three university economics departments in the country (John Muellbauer from Oxford, Hashem Pesaran from Cambridge, and Danny Quah from LSE) to give their predictions for the year ahead.

We asked them to focus on a number of categories:

  • UK GDP growth (Quarterly, % change)
  • UK Inflation Rate (CPI All Items, % change on previous year, averaged over 3 month period)
  • UK Unemployment Rate (Quarterly, all 16 and over, SA)
  • UK Interest Rate (Quarterly average of the official Bank Rate)
  • Tie-breaker: The peak of French 10 year Government Bond yields in 2012

They also invited members of the Economic Research Council to give their predictions too.

It was a fantastic success for Mark Hughes & Associates with Directors; Mark Hughes & Peter Phillips both faring better than the Professors from Oxford & LSE and making the overall Top 10 from over 200 entries.

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