How are you paid

Financial advice fees

Q: How are you paid for the services you provide?
A: All of our fees are fixed and agreed with you in advance of any work being carried out on your behalf. Whenever it is possible to do so, we will charge you a fee, and so we will set up plans on your behalf on a “Nil commission basis” which will reduce the premiums you pay. In most cases this has the effect of significantly reducing the cost of your financial plans over the long term.

We are paid in the following ways:

  • Planning or Advice
    By charging a fee for providing detailed solutions to the issues that concern you.
  • Implementing
    By being paid fees for arranging the most appropriate solutions for you.
  • Managing
    By receiving annual renewal or ‘trail’ fees for properly managing your wealth.
  • Recommendation
    By being recommended by you because we have delivered great results!

As part of our process this is how it works for our clients:

  • Initial and Discovery meetings – FREE of charge to determine if we can actually help you and how.
  • Advice – You engage us to provide you with advice – you pay an agreed fixed fee for a report and follow up meeting.
  • Implementation – If you agree to proceed with our recommendations - You pay an agreed fixed fee by cheque or if we are arranging an investment and you prefer it, we take the same figure from your investment ( this is often more tax efficient).
  • Managing your investments – A percentage of the investment value usually between 0.5% to 1.0% is paid to us to provide you with ongoing investment management.
  • Annual, twice yearly or quarterly reviews – you pay a standing order monthly only if you are currently working and/or require this service.

Q.What exactly do you mean by “Fee Based”?

Unlike other tyes of professional firms Independent Financial Advisers have an ability to collect their fees from a product provider rather than directly from you, the client. The fees we charge are always agreed with you in advance either as an exact figure or as a percentage of money invested.

In all cases when the work is not investment related, we will ask you to pay your fees in advance by cheque.

For investment related work, you may prefer if our fee is paid from your investment. The choice is yours, but if you choose to have the money paid from your investment, the fee will always be the same as the figure or percentage fee you could have chosen to pay by cheque. In pensions cases in particular, this can be a very tax efficient method of paying your fees. However, we will always explain your choices to you in full and the implications for you depending on which method you choose to pay.