Independent financial advice

What is independent financial advice?

The diagram below helps to explain financial advice.  Usually, financial advice is based on your short-term aims and concentrates on your immediate objectives and limits advice to only one area of your finances.  It differs from the goal based financial planning which tries to produce a flexible comprehensive long-term financial plan.  Typically, an experienced financial planner will charge a fee for this type of work.

We can give independent advice on all of the areas shown: insurance, investment portfolios, tax advice and pensions advice.


Can I benefit from independent financial advice?

Everyone can benefit from independent financial advice if they wish because it is given on an individual basis.We don’t give ‘generic’ advice as one size certainly does not fit all.Our service can help you to identify your immediate financial and tax saving opportunities.

One of our independent financial advisers will recommend and put in place financial products that match your plans.As we are independent, we are not limited to specific products and can therefore offer you the most suitable advice for your needs.To further reassure you that the advice you receive is what we believe is right for you, our services are fee-based (and the fees are all agreed upfront so you are comfortable).This means that we are not ‘enticed’ by any promotions or incentives being offered by the product provider.In addition, by not paying us on a commission basis, you can save a lot of money over time dependent on the products that you choose – more money for your future.

What happens after I have taken independent financial advice?

If you are a millionaire, a small business owner and/or wealthy retired with an estate worth in excess of £1 million, once your immediate financial needs have been met, then you should consider financial planning as further opportunities may be discovered.

Whilst in an ideal world you should put your long-term plans in place first, we understand that many of our clients prefer to sort out their immediate needs first.  We are happy to help you whichever way you feel comfortable.  Significant in all of this is our life planning service.  We offer this to some our clients in order to make sure that your financial plans are adjusted to match your needs.

If you decide to become a client, we can also offer proactive investment advice and investment management.

Any further questions on independent financial advice?

If you want more information on independent financial advice please call us on 01763 232326 or Email us.


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