Independent financial adviser

What is an independent financial adviser?

An independent financial adviser will provide independent financial advice by researching the whole market for a suitable product to match your needs.  We also provide a thorough financial planning service to help you:

  • Look after your finances so that you can reach your personal goals and objectives
  • Preserve your lifestyle throughout your life, without the worry of running out of money
  • Retain, grow and manage your money

After full discussions with you, we produce a financial plan and recommend financial products that meet your individual needs from the full range available on the market.  We do not act on behalf of any insurance company or bank and we are directly regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  You can be assured therefore, that we fully meed the strict requirements they have for your financial security.

Why should I use you?

As part of our service to our small business owners, millionaire and wealthy retired clients, we also provide life planning as part of a full financial planning process.  This service is carried out quarterly to ensure that your personal and financial goals are reviewed regularly to help you to meet your life goals and objectives.

In addition, any investment portfolio you have arranged and set up through us, will be proactively managed in order to grow and preserve your money.  We also give regular tax help and advice for you to achieve tax savings where possible.

How can I be certain that I can trust the advice you give?

As already stated, we are independent financial advisers and are strictly regulated by the FSA.  You can be confident that we both meet and exceed the current minimum requirements.

We have over 15 years of experience in giving advice to small business owners and wealthy clients.  We can also provide you with proactive investment advice and investment management.  If you are in any doubt, have a look at our client testimonial page.

How is this service paid for?

We only ever provides a fee-based service for financial planning and financial advice. This is because we believe it offers you the best independent financial advice and service rather than commission-based advice.  The fee is clear and you are fully informed about how much we will charge and what it is for before you choose to go ahead with any plans.  The FSA rules now state that all independent financial advisers must give their clients the choice to pay for advice by either means and fee-based advice has been a successful way of operating for both us and our clients.

Deciding to pay a fee for advice can be more cost-effective than paying commission, dependent on the complexity of the advice that you need and the products that you wish to go ahead with.  For truly impartial advice, we believe it is the best way forward as commission incentives cannot be made to us to put forward any particular product over another.

Any further questions on independent financial advisers?

If you want more information on independent financial advisers please call us on 01763 232326 or Email us.

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