Financial investments

We strongly believe that our adaptable but highly structured in-house processes and systems help you define and then achieve your personal goals.

We have designed a number of services which address a number of separate needs.

The MHA Advanced Tax Planning Review system
- our comprehensive Tax planning service suitable for most clients.

A review of your overall tax position to establish how best you can rearrange your financial affairs to avoid as much tax as possible. We work together with a number of highly qualified tax accountants and tax lawyers to provide tax solutions for people who have generated high potential liabilities in most types of tax, including corporation tax. The service aims to reduce your overall tax liability by the use of both straightforward and more complex tax planning advice.

The MHA “Clear Future” Financial Planning program
- for employed people with joint incomes in excess of £100,000 per annum, any legal or medical professional or a shareholding director. If you want to ensure that you can achieve your personal goals and at the very least maintain your current standard of living, no matter what the circumstances, throughout your lifetime, without fear of running out of money.

If you do not have an effective system in place to ensure you are able to make the best decisions about your finances or if you lead busy lives and so are unable to apply sufficient time, planning and expertise to your finances. As a result you:

  • fail to achieve important objectives
  • have little contingency planning in place
  • pay too much tax
  • waste your money on unsuitable financial products
  • are frequently concerned that your finances are being poorly managed

The main objectives of this program are to:

  • help you define your lifetime goals and objectives
  • help you understand the potential problems and alternatives open to you
  • agree your priorities and the order in which you prefer to tackle them
  • help you establish a cash control system to ensure sufficient funds are available to meet your objectives
  • recommend solutions and strategies in a financial plan to help you meet your objectives
  • explain the suggested solutions and advantages of any specific plan or products recommended
  • help ensure your chosen plans are processed efficiently and accurately
  • meet with you at least annually, to review changes to circumstances and objectives and make resulting recommendations
  • provide unlimited telephone based help when required, to help ensure your plans remain on track

The MHA Wealth Management System
- for people with existing investments or personal pensions in excess of £50,000, or people who wish to invest in excess of £50,000 for at least 5 years.

The majority of people seek specialist advice before making an important investment decision. Despite this, over time it is easy to accumulate an uncoordinated collection of investments. Some investments may seem to perform very well and others don’t do so well. Inevitably, differences in quality arise but are obscured because the portfolio becomes disjointed and is not reviewed frequently enough. This results in underperforming investment portfolios which often are exposed to an unnecessarily high level of investment risk.

Our investment system aims to overcome these problems by:

  • helping you determine your natural tolerance to investment risk and your objectives
  • guiding you concerning the range of performance outcomes likely to flow from investing within your “natural” tolerance level
  • reviewing your current portfolio to check how well aligned it is with your current requirements
  • making recommendations to restructure the portfolio to match your objectives
  • implementing the agreed action required
  • reporting every 6 months on the progress of the investments and, where necessary, make recommendations to adjust the portfolio
  • inviting you to meet at least every three years with your financial planner to review your situation and objectives

The MHA Mortgage Selection process
- for people who wish to ensure that they obtain unbiased fee based advice in selecting and implementing a mortgage.

Surprisingly, many people who are looking to arrange a mortgage or remortgage do not appreciate the difference in levels of commission paid to their adviser. Unfortunately, this difference in commission may lead to a conflict of interest between the adviser and you the client. This may lead to a mortgage being recommended to you that may not be the most suitable.

  • we deliver both the advice and the implementation of your mortgage on a fixed standard fee, irrelevant of the size of the mortgage
  • any commission paid to us is then refunded back to you
  • this ensures unbiased advice, as our remuneration is not affected by the commission payment
  • for most mortgages over £200,000, the amount refunded back to you means it will be more cost effective to arrange your mortgage through us than most other advisers
  • in some large cases the amount refunded to you exceeds the actual fee paid to us
  • as experienced financial planners as opposed to simply mortgage advisers, we will also give you a FREE comprehensive overall review on other aspects of your financial planning

“Your home may be at risk if you do not maintain repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.” Buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the FSA.

The MHA Pension and Investment Performance review
- for people who wish to ensure that their existing pension plans and investments are properly reviewed to help achieve the investment return expected.

Unfortunately most commission based advisers are not financially incentivised to review the performance of your existing investments and pension plans.

  • the growth or loss within the plan is mainly determined by the performance of the underlying assets and the charges incurred
  • we are fee based investment specialists who will thoroughly review your existing plans on a fixed fee basis irrelevant of the size of the portfolio
  • we provide you with a comprehensive written report in which we make the most suitable recommendations to meet your objectives
  • if you do not require regular investment advice we will waive the inbuilt adviser commission , thus saving you potentially thousands of pounds over the life of your investments
  • the purpose of the review is to establish how best to deal with your existing investments – not to persuade you to invest more

The MHA Retirement Options process
- for people who wish to retire in the next 5 years with investment assets including pension funds in excess of £100,000.

Surprisingly, many people who are close to retirement seek no financial advice even though this is an extremely important time. The decisions made at this time could determine your financial well being and lifestyle for a period of 35 years or more.

The main objectives of this process are to:

  • help define and budget your requirements in retirement
  • help you understand the various alternative methods of using your pension funds to produce retirement income in a flexible and tax efficient manner
  • produce a financial plan containing recommendations on methods and financial products to help you achieve your objectives
  • utilise the AAA Investment System to analyse your current assets and, if required, restructure them in line with your attitude to investment risk and your retirement objectives
  • help you complete and follow through the required paperwork to ensure the plan is successfully accomplished

The MHA Inheritance Tax Mitigation process
- for people who expect their estates on death of both partners to reach in excess of £850,000.

Many people incorrectly believe that inheritance tax is a concern only for the wealthy. Currently, all wealth in excess of £325,000 is taxed at 40% (tax year 2012/2013). Most people face problems with respect to estate planning because:

  • they don’t understand the full impact of the applicable legislation
  • they mistakenly rely upon Wills prepared by non-specialist local solicitors
  • they omit to take a holistic view of their situation

The main objectives of this process are to:

  • help you gain a true understanding of the complexities involved and the alternatives open to you
  • help define your estate planning goals within the framework of your lifetime requirements
  • provide a written plan recommending solutions and implementation strategies to help you achieve your goals
  • meet with you and your beneficiaries to fully explain the recommended solutions and strategies
  • help ensure the required, often complex, paperwork is processed efficiently and accurately to completion
  • review your plans annually by post and advise you if any changes are required
  • offer you a meeting at least every 3 years to ensure your plan is adjusted in line with your changing circumstances

Will writing and some aspects of Inheritance tax planning are not FSA regulated.